Strona: Research Work / The Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Work

Development of control and information systems; synthesis, specification and formal verification of communication and control software, visual recognition systems, methods and tools of artificial intelligence (neural networks, expert systems, fuzzy logie, SVM, development of control and algorithms which minimise numerical-error effects, coloured Petri nets, real-time system structural methods, decision support systems

  • Electrodynamics and field theory, electric drive, electrical-machine maintenance, electric motor and micromachine control, thermal effect in high-power induction motors
  • Conductibility and low-frequency noise in random structure materials, electronic and nanoelectronic devices
  • Testing and enhancing electric power quality, improvements in lighting technology, ZnO protectors, matrix converters, multi-pulse rectifiers, supply systems for industrial lighting, high-speed drive converters, high-frequency inverters
  • Mathematical modelling of electric, electronic and IT elements and circuits in over-voltage and over-current conditions; electrical machine models, simulations of dynamic conditions in circuitry, electromagnetic compatibility, protecting equipment against lightning
  • Measurement and processing stochastic signals with regard to their application in technical and medical diagnoses; measure-ment theory, including methodology in standard measurements of quality and diagnostic cxams; calibration, modelling and construction of modern tools for measuring electrical and non-electrical quantities
  • Technology, methods of design, synthesis, optimisation and examination of application systems, as well as electronic, telecoms and sensor microsystems; analysis of static and dynamic temperature fields in electronic circuits, signal propagation including interference signals; multi-layer structure technology such as, LTCC, MCM and DRC; selected physical and chemical quantity sensors; antennae synchronisation with read-write heads for RFID systems
  • Service quality of information processing and transmission; online self-similarity and behaviour dynamics; high-throughput computing system design; optical Communications techniques; critical-systems sets; the architecture of parallel, distributed and VLSI systems