Strona: Laboratories / The Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Below there are presented some interesting laboratories of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Laboratory of Electric and Hybrid Drives

The laboratory base existing in the Department of Electrodynamics and Electromechanical Systems  allows for conducting of the research on issues related to electric machines and electric drive. Works in the field of electric drive may include: designing new drive systems, modernization of existing solutions through the use of power electronic systems (starting systems, transistor inverters, cascade systems, speed or torque regulators of DC machines), which improves the quality and reliability of operation and reduces energy consumption.


Laboratory of Avionics Surge Research

The laboratory located at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Fundamentals. It is the first of its kind in Poland and the first in Europe - operating at the university - laboratory designed not only for comprehensive testing of the strength of avionics systems to electromagnetic disturbances induced during a lightning storm, but also for research of a broader, multidirectional nature, including experimental and theoretical activities in the field of analysis of atmospheric overvoltage mechanisms.



Lightning Technology Laboratory

This laboratory is located at the Department of Power Electronics and Power Engineering. In the laboratory the studies are conducted regarding the luminance distribution of luminous bodies and the illumination intensity distribution on the plane of visual work. The colorimetric tests of radiator surfaces are also carried out in this facility.

Laboratory’s equipment includes a station for measuring the color temperature of light sources; a station for determining photometric solids of small-size reflector sources; a simulation station for modeling optical systems of lighting fixtures; and a simulation stand for testing illumination lighting;


Laboratory of Measurement Tests and Analysis

In this laboratory located in the Department of Metrology and Diagnostic Systems the research is being carried out in the fields of measurements and processing of stochastic signals in identification and diagnostic applications; sensors and temperature measurements in industry and medicine; information, measurement and diagnostic systems for applications in industry, medicine and environmental protection; and assessment of the accuracy of measurements, checking and calibration of measurement tools and quality engineering.



Laboratory of fiber optic technology

Research works in this laboratory located in the Department of Electronic and Telecommunications Systems are carried out in the field of optoelectronic sensors, mainly fiber optic, fiber-polymer and fiber-liquid crystal sensors, issues of fiber optic transmission and optoelectronic elements.

The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment such as optical spectrum analyzers, digital oscilloscopes, optical-electrical converters, polarization analyzers and controllers, lasers and others.

Laboratory of microprocessor technology

This laboratory of the Department of Electronic and Telecommunications Systems is primarily educational in nature, therefore research is not conducted directly there. Nevertheless, on the basis of the commissioning kits for microprocessor systems, a number of works related to the design and production of electronic devices, necessary to conduct experiments in other laboratories of the Department, are carried out.

The laboratory is equipped with the necessary computer hardware and software as well as development kits for many types of single-chip microcomputers (including companies such as Intel, Cygnal, Atmel, Microchip, Analog Devices, Motorola) with different types of architecture, i.e. RISC, CISC, DSP , '51, ARM, 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit etc. The stations are also equipped with additional equipment facilitating the design work, including a set of logic analyzers and specialized multi-functional power supplies.

Laboratory of computer networks, converged systems and complex IT systems

Research conducted in the laboratory concerns a wide range of issues in the field of design and operation of complex communication systems, including effective and trouble-free data transmission in the environment of ICT networks. The laboratory conducts different research activities in the broad area of computer networks. There are also performed tasks related to the design and configuration of network infrastructure based on both a homogeneous and heterogeneous environment of computer networks. The scope of acitvity relates to enterprise class networks, used in Industry 4.0 and energy. Laboratory equipment allows to test ready-made solutions before implementing them for production or operation in the proof of concept scenario.

In addition to the network equipment of the leading manufacturers: Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Juniper Networks, there are software and hardware traffic generators, traffic analyzers and simulation platforms (eg Riverbed Modeler, Omnet). Research can be done on computer stations, structural cabling (copper and fiber), auxiliary servers and private cloud resources.