Strona: Computer Engineering / The Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

First-degree studies

Engineering studies, first degree, 3.5-year stationary and non-stationary (extramural), academic profile.



Graduating of the computer engineering will give you knowledge and skills in: independent solving of basic IT problems, preparation, implementation and verification of IT projects, practical use of IT tools and proficiency in programming, technical aspects of operating IT equipment and software, quick adaptation to rapidly changing IT reality.

Computer engineering students have the opportunity to acquire practical skills in the following areas: programming in assembler language, C, C++, Java, microinformatics, information systems engineering, Internet technologies, computer graphics and animation, database development. All classes are held in well-equipped computer labs.

The program of studies enables the future engineer to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge and master the skills necessary for work thanks to the possibility of obtaining certificates of companies as part of the classes: Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM.

Computer engineering graduates find employment in almost all areas of the economy, administration and management, in computer companies dealing with software, design, maintenance and equipment, or development of management information systems in companies.

You can study computer engineering with us by choosing one of three specializations:

  • IT Systems Engineering,
  • Computer systems and networks,
  • Computer Science in an Enterprise.

Certainly, by graduating with a first degree in computer engineering, you will be an engineer with general education and technical knowledge, skills and habits that will help you to continue developing your qualifications in computer engineering.

You will acquire knowledge and skills in the following areas: tool and system software development, design of complete IT systems (task or object-oriented), realization of a system prototype, computer network systems, development of software that is a network protocol, communication interface or tool software.

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Second-degree studies

Master's degree studies, second degree, 1.5 years stationary and non-stationary (extramural), academic profile.


pic. P. Hadaj

A second degree studies in computer engineering will give you expanded knowledge and skills in the field of IT. You will gain knowledge about development trends and the most important new achievements of computer engineering.

You will be able to proficiently apply IT systems engineering methods and design complex distributed computer systems, as well as gain IT project management skills.

A second degree will give you the opportunity to participate in research and development work in the field of computer engineering, in research and development work in the field of IT systems and the creation of modern applications.

You will be prepared to implement new technologies and design computer systems. With these skills you will find employment in IT companies, IT departments of manufacturing companies, banks, insurance companies, hospitals, and administrative centers.

Second-degree studies in computer engineering may be realized in specializations:

  • IT systems engineering,
  • computer systems and networks.

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