Strona: Electromobility / The Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering


First-degree studies

Engineering studies, first degree, 3.5-year stationary, academic profile.

The electromobility course deals with the problems of electric and hybrid vehicles. It gives knowledge and skills in designing power electronic traction converters and converters for charging stations. Graduates are able to select and design electric drives. They know the types and characteristics of energy storage, including their physical and chemical properties. They are familiar with the functioning of on-board electronic and microprocessor control systems. They have basic knowledge and skills to use IT tools in electromobility, they are familiar with safety problems in the functioning of IT systems.

Graduates of the electromobility course are prepared to participate in the currently important branch of industry connected with the production of electric and hybrid vehicles. They can complete internships and subsequently find employment in companies servicing and operating electric vehicles and infrastructure for electromobility; companies testing or assembling electric batteries (test engineers responsible for final testing of electric batteries, i.e. modules and cells of an electric car battery and battery audits);  construction and design offices dealing with electric drive systems; companies responsible for distribution and trade of electric and power electronic equipment and apparatus; companies designing power supply systems and systems for electric vehicles; companies involved in production and assembly of electric batteries; in institutions dealing with e.g. systems for settlement of car charging services or booking places at charging stations (BURY Sp. z o.o, Melex, Autopart, Cadway-Automotive sp. z o.o., GC Energy sp. z o.o., PHOENIX CONTACT E-Mobility sp. z o.o.).

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