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Why Rzeszów?

Rzeszów is a city located in the south-eastern part of Poland. It counts around 180 thousands inhabitants. Now it is a capitol city of Subcarpatia voivodeship. Historically, before the second World War this small city was in the middle between Kraków and Lwów, two major and important cities in the south part of Poland. In the thirties of the twentieth century Rzeszów became a part of Central Industrial Region with several mechanical factories.

Today Rzeszów has very good transport connections including: airport located in Jasionka where you can travel with Polish airlines Lot and via other companies like: Lufthansa and Ryanair. There is also a train station where you can directly travel to all major Polish cities and also to abroad cities: Berlin, Prague, Lwow, Graz and many more. Rzeszów is located at the crossroads of communication routes from east to west, the A4 motorway, and from north to south, the S19 expressway. We are very close to Slovakia and Ukraine borders. In Rzeszów and surrounding locations like Mielec, Jarosław, Krosno, Dębica, Jasło thanks to very good travel connections there are many quickly expanding public and private companies also located in different special economy zones.


Why Rzeszów University of Technology?

Rzeszów University of Technology is a modern academic center that combines scientific ideas with industry. It is the oldest technical university in the south-eastern part of Poland. One of the greatest advantages of the university is excellent didactic and scientific staff. The diploma of the Rzeszów University of Technology opens the door to the best businesses and companies around the world. Research shows that graduates are quickly finding a job. Our campus offers a wide range of teaching equipment, modern research laboratories and scientific equipment.

Rzeszów University of Technology has an attractive didactic offer. We have experience in accepting foreign students. The Erasmus + program has been running for over 20 years. The cost of living for students is not high. Rzeszów UT has well-equipped dorms and a student cafeteria. Rzeszów and the Podkarpackie Voivodeship are safe places with an interesting sports, entertainment and tourist offer for students.


Why Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering?

The Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering is located in university campus on Wincentego Pola Street. It consists of four buildings: A, B, D and F. In these buildings there are eight departments.

The Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering trains over 1700 students at the study fields of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, Automation Control and Robotics and the newest one, Electromobility. There are eight departments with more than one hundred teachers. Our faculty is a part of the Politechnika Rzeszowska (Rzeszow University of Technology) community, a modern medium sized technical university that participates in the Erasmus programme and maintains bilateral student exchanges with different universities around the world. Apart from research, the University takes part in regional affairs and development schemes supported by different EU programs and national research centers. Forecasting the demands of the nation’s economy, the University provides a rich syllabus adapted to the realities and demands of the marketplace.