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Electrical Engineering

First-degree studies

Engineering studies, first degree, 3.5-year stationary and non-stationary (extramural), academic profile.


pic. A. Surowiec

Graduating with a degree in electrical engineering will give you the knowledge and skills to function efficiently in most modern companies. Graduates of electrical engineering will find employment not only in companies in the electrical engineering industry, but also in companies operating more or less complex technological processes. You will be employed by energy companies, companies associated with the automation of electrical propulsion, electronics and industrial IT, electrical installation companies and network construction companies. You will be able to work in design and research offices, design electrical systems and equipment, including power electronics. You will find work in the maintenance, electrical and power departments of most companies.

As a graduate of electrical engineering you can apply for many professional licenses in the field of electrical equipment operation, obtain the following licenses: construction, building surveyor, SEP specialist and verifier, court expert, energy auditor, to prepare energy certificates for buildings, specialist in power quality.

You can study electrical engineering with us by choosing one of three specializations:

  • conversion and use of electrical energy,
  • electric drives in power engineering, motorization and aviation,
  • electric power engineering.

Certainly, by graduating with a first degree in electrical engineering you will be an engineer, educated in the general field of technical knowledge, with skills and habits to facilitate your further qualification development. You will speak a specialist language in electrical engineering and related fields. You will gain experience in the use of information technology in general and engineering applications in particular.

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 Second-degree studies

Master's degree studies, II level, 1.5 years stationary and non-stationary (extramural), academic profile.


pic. A. Surowiec

A Master's degree in electrical engineering will give you broadened knowledge and skills in electrical engineering.  You will gain knowledge about development trends and the most important new achievements in electrical engineering. You will be able to use properly selected research methods, use properly selected software environments, enabling you to design and program advanced electrical devices or systems. Secondary education will give you the opportunity to participate in research and development work in the field of electrical engineering, in the study of phenomena related to the processing of electrical energy. You will be prepared to implement new technologies, design innovative electrical devices. With these skills, you will find employment in research and development companies. Second degree studies will bring you closer to managerial positions in electrical and power engineering departments of many companies.

The second degree will complement and extend your knowledge and skills obtained at the bachelor's degree with issues related to power conditioning, energy conversion, advanced methods of modeling renewable energy systems. It will also prepare and enable you to conduct scientific research in these areas. It will allow you to get an interesting and responsible job as the chief energy officer of industrial plants, consultant, designer in the field of generation systems.

Studying at the second level gives you the opportunity to learn about the principles of energy economy in the common energy market of the European Union, and also provides knowledge of the principles of operation of enterprises, including small and medium-sized ones, belonging to the energy sector. You will gain knowledge in the field of contemporary problems of nuclear energy and thus you can participate in the development of this promising sector of the Polish energy industry.

Second degree studies in electrical engineering can be pursued in specialties:

  • Renewable energy sources
  • Electricity conversion

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